ADARA Network OS

Linux Network OS that is Stable, Secure, Full Featured Cost Efficient and 100% Open

ADARA Network OS is the industry’s best Network OS.


ADARA Network OS 100% open; full open development. ADARA Network OS provides the latest bundled Linux applications, tools, and devops. ADARA Network OS continues the ADARA commitment to 100% open Software Defined Networking; Merchant Silicon, COTS Hardware, 100% Open API’s, support for all 3rd Party Applications, Tools, Hardware and Software with no additional costs. ADARA Network OS eliminates Vendor Lock-in.

Multiple Linux Distributions

ADARA Network OS is available in the three most popular, and widely deployed Linux distributions; Ubuntu, CentOS and Fedora. ADARA Network OS solves the issue of which distribution is right for you; ADARA Network OS allows you to choose your desired Linux distribution based on the factors that matter most to you, such as management, packages or support. ADARA Network OS provides the largest Linux ecosystem available on any SDN platform.

Stable and Secure

ADARA Network OS is the most stable and secure; it is built for the Merchant Silicon platforms and CPUs at the heart of the ADARA Axis Switch; the industry’s most advanced Software Defined Networking platform. ADARA Network OS supports both the Standards Network Stack as well as the ADARA Advanced SLA based Network Stack. ADARA Network OS fully supports IPv4/v6, Smart Table Layer 2 Switching / Layer 3 Routing, Integrated Layer 2/3, Admission Control, QoS, Security ACLs, VXLAN, MPLS and much more.

Fullest Featured

ADARA Network OS is the most fully featured; ADARA provides a complete Network Functions and Services Virtualization Stack; ADARA Virtualized Network Services plus any Third-party Network Application can run on ADARA Network OS. ADARA Network OS with ADARA Virtual Network Services and Applications work at Hyperscale and are fully automated and zero touch configurable, and OPEX programmable. ADARA Network OS also supports all Network Monitoring Applications such as TAP, SPAN S-Flow, DPI, and Mirroring.

Cost Efficient

ADARA Network OS is Cost Efficient; ADARA Network OS is bundled; there are no additional costs or licensing fees. ADARA Network OS enables CLOS (Fat Tree) architectures; flat high (2, even 1 tier) performance network architectures that fully use bisectional bandwidth, eliminate over-subscription, are non-blocking, reduce data center real estate footprint, reduce cabling, power and cooling. The result is reduced CAPEX and OPEX.

Most Advanced Production SDN Platform

ADARA Network OS is the heart of the industry’s fastest most advanced production Merchant Silicon Switch; enabling Data Centers and Networks to meet the challenge of High Performance Computing and Networking. ADARA Network OS supports 1/10/40/100 GbE Merchant Silicon, with port densities up to 72 and 96 ports; as well as High Throughput COTS Servers and Mobile, Client and Home Office platforms.