An “A” for ADARA

In today’s increasingly technological world, ADARA Networks advanced solutions for Education enable schools and learning centers to leverage technology to educate students of all ages.

Students need 24/7 access to Education, while teachers need the flexibility to develop curricula that are customized to individual needs backed by digital media and interactive methods to deliver information to students.

ADARA advanced solutions for Education can help achieve these goals with universal search, content delivery and distribution, real-time streaming multimedia, and interactive collaboration. Best of all, schools can increase the performance, scalability, and reliability of their existing infrastructure, without requiring an IT staff or specialized IT knowledge.

ADARA solutions for Education help teachers educate students more efficiently than ever, in the most cost-effective way possible. They also:

  • Support universal search engine for learning
  • Provide research and content delivery platforms for accelerated delivery of local or remote lessons
  • Support universal multicast and tele-Education networking for large-scale real-time interactive learning and educational material distribution
  • Promote real-time collaboration for administrators and researchers
  • Provide secure web services with ultra-high secure AAA for online educational transactions
  • Deliver operational efficiencies by utilizing government programs such as The Federal Universal Service Fund, The Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund, and associated individual state-run funds