Accessing Data When It Counts

ADARA Networks advanced solutions for Financial Services allow banks and other financial institutions to access their most important asset—information—anytime and anywhere in a secure real-time environment without failure. With support for optimization of data, voice, streaming, and interactive multimedia services for every segment of the Financial Services sector, ADARA advanced solutions for Financial Services deliver the most robust interactive and responsive services specifically designed for Financial Services.

ADARA advanced solutions for Financial Services support:

  • Trading and Low-Latency Services. Ultra low-latency critical applications for the financial services industry and trading environments; sub-microsecond latency market data processing and order execution for algorithmic trading, options pricing and risk management.
  • Web-based banking. Content delivery and content-based networking provide customers with an unparalleled experience, with optimal performance, security, and scalability assured during peak loads. As a result, banks and other financial institutions can increase revenues by encouraging customers to take advantage of existing and new services at any time.
  • Investment banking. Industry-leading solutions for real-time networking, universal application support, data interoperability, and secure communications for compliance requirements.
  • Payments. Secure, high-performance, highly available communications and payment processing between customers and channels—ideal for high-performance data centers and network operations.
  • Insurance. Information distribution to a limitless client base, real-time and secure portfolio risk management and maximized investment activities, and deployment of real-time interactive and rich digital media solutions to maximize sales and profitability.