Improving the IT Health of Healthcare

ADARA Networks Medical Imaging solutions enable a fully virtualized, federated medical imaging service that provides anywhere, anytime, and any mode universal access to medical images. ADARA’s open platform and unprecedented interoperability provide seamless communications between any system, while allowing customers to use their favorite products to deliver the most advanced holistic Healthcare services to date—wherever and whenever they’re needed.

Any-to-any system data, access, and processes slash interoperability times from years to days, allowing for:

  • New levels of performance, compression, encryption, and more
  • Interoperability between disparate medical imaging, medical health, and personal record systems and applications
  • Universal user interface for all systems
  • Dynamic compose-ability and customization via configuration to create any application on-the-fly

Best of all, ADARA incorporates all major Healthcare protocols, from HL7 to WADO, to achieve complete modernization of all Healthcare enterprises and medical environments.

ADARA Medical Imaging solutions:

  • Reduce storage and network transportation demands simultaneously, allowing the entire Healthcare enterprise to work faster and more cost efficiently
  • Deliver complete interoperability between any system anywhere
  • Speed practitioner access to images, increase workflow, and promote anywhere-anytime collaboration so Healthcare professionals can provide the rapid care their patients need
  • Improve workflow and reduce access time, operating costs, and barriers to deliver life-saving care
  • Improve patient care and response times by facilitating secure access wirelessly to network resources and applications from any location