ADARA Champions Manufacturing

ADARA Networks advanced solutions for Manufacturing enable real-time networking and dynamic management of the IT Infrastructure to support today’s flexible just-in-time manufacturing and supply chain management.

Today’s manufacturers want to:

  • End reliance on proprietary design and process applications that are not interoperable
  • Find ways to adapt new applications to modern interoperable systems

ADARA advanced solutions for Manufacturing answer the challenge by enabling automatic generation of mappings and virtualization to support any manufacturing application, including:

  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Design (CAD), and Analysis (CAA)
  • Computer Integrated or Aided Manufacturing (CIM, CAM)
  • Material Requirements or Computer Aided Planning (MRP, CAP)
  • Finite Element Analysis, (FEA)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and more

ADARA advanced solutions for Manufacturing:

  • Deliver the industry’s highest level of ROI to leverage capital and support faster product design, manufacture, consumer-required redesign cycles, and inventory turns
  • Expand a company’s reach in today’s competitive global economy
  • Support automated data transformation mappings to slash interoperability process from years to days
  • Enable any-to-any system data, access, or process interoperability
  • Provide an execution/network environment-based enterprise service bus that enables new levels of performance, compression, encryption, and more
  • Provide for a federated enterprise data warehouse that promotes new levels of enterprise-wide business intelligence
  • Deliver a universal user interface to all systems
  • Provide dynamic compose-ability and customization via configuration to create any application on-the-fly