The Providers Behind Today’s Service Providers

ADARA Networks advanced solutions for Service Providers deliver the best combination of price, performance, and power in data networking to generate new business models and revenues, increase scale and global reach, and reduce costs.

Autonomic and dynamic management of all infrastructure and SLA guarantees allow goals to be achieved, while eliminating cross-domain issues of latency, operations, and policies.

Features and Benefits

  • Delivers complete transparency to network-layer infrastructure
  • Increases bandwidth utilization
  • Increases performance; virtually local
  • Increases system capacity, users, transactions, data
  • Supports universal QoS, even on non-provisioned networks, Multi-Mode QoS, and Dynamic Admission Control
  • Delivers multi-path networking for concurrently utilized multiple independent survivable paths
  • Provides real-time performance for real-time services
  • Supports IntServ/DiffServ-like capabilities over infrastructure
  • Supports public/private secure dynamic cloud computing
  • Manages heterogeneous infrastructures with ease
  • Supports mobile users and delivers optimal performance for mobile applications