ADARA Constellation is the industry’s leading production-quality implementation of Network Functions Virtualization. NFV enables the consolidation of many network equipment types into a single fully-integrated software package, deployed on standard high-performance servers, switches and storage devices.

ADARA Constellation supports the complete ADARA Network Stack and provides policy-based traffic steering of network functions and services. Constellation provides both data plane and control plane processing, full compute and network automation, through the following capabilities:

Network Routing

  • Real-time maintenance of global network and infrastructure state
  • Policy-based dynamic network services chaining
  • Premise single or multipath routing
  • Virtual Switching for single or multipath switching
  • Quality of service and quality of service routing


  • Network Operating Systems and Virtual Network Operating Systems (Hypervisors)
  • Virtual machining/computing
  • Enterprise Service Bus, Message Routing, Data Transformation

WAN Services

  • Content Delivery Networking, Caching, Application Acceleration
  • Global and Local Load Balancing
  • WAN Acceleration/Optimization
  • IPsec/SSL VPN Gateways. Client/Server VPN


  • Firewall/Intrusion Detection System/Virus Scanning/SPAM Filtering
  • DDOS attack detection, isolation, analysis, defense, prevention and immunization
  • Zero day vulnerability attack prevention using multi-vendor supported architecture
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Secure Communications’ Gateways/File Transfer Services/Protocol Transformation

Service Management

  • Service Level Agreement Management/Service Assurance
  • Device Management
  • Network Testing, Quality of Experience Monitoring, Service Assurance, SLA
  • AAA, Policy Control Engine
  • Chargeback, Accounting, Auditing

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