ADARA Echo is a browser-based application that provides intuitive network monitoring, network management, and configuration. ADARA Echo is fully integrated with all ADARA platforms and products, and also supports 3rd party vendor products such as switches and routers.

Flexible and Scalable

ADARA Echo can be accessed via a standard browser from any client that has network access and meets the minimum hardware requirement. Echo is a pure HTML client (no additional client software or plug-ins are required).

Echo provides end-to-end automated monitoring with continuous real-time updates.

ADARA Echo enables display of physical devices, device components and clusters. Echo display capability scales from devices through to network-wide topologies.

Advanced Management

ADARA Echo capabilities include:

  • Services Choreography and Network Orchestration Management
  • Topology Visualization
  • Device Configuration
  • Service Level Agreement Manager
  • Network Designer
  • Interoperability Designer

ADARA Echo provides management and configuration capability for ADARA and 3rd party vendor products, including the following:

  • Servers, engines
  • Switches, vswitches
  • Routers, virtual routers
  • Hubs, concentrators
  • gateway
  • firewalls
  • clients
  • middleware boxes

Advanced Monitoring

ADARA Echo enables real time automated management and display of the following:

  • policies, rules
  • users
  • traffic
  • sessions, flows, transactions
  • load levels/volumes
  • performance
  • environment metrics
  • utilization
  • errors
  • customizable indicators
  • financial and operational SLAs


ADARA Echo supports Multi-level Administration/Credentials with Multi-level delegation, AAA, automated web-based updates.

View the Echo spec sheet.