ADARA Hercules enables complete services/infrastructure choreography and network orchestration. Hercules also provides centralized management, configuration and monitoring using a workflow-based user interface. Workflow execution can be visualized as a flow chart or a graph. Services provisioning management is auto-scalable and the infrastructure configuration automation is OPEX-sensitive.


The ADARA Hercules Service Choreography and Network Orchestration Engine and Workflow Manager has the following characteristics:

  • Vendor-agnostic IT services/infrastructure orchestration
  • Automated intelligent system allows administrators to connect all management system commands/scripts and manage via a single pane of glass
    • - This covers Unix commands, CLI commands, shell scripts, Perl scripts, etc.
  • Ultra-scalable orchestration runs multiple complex workflows, seamlessly integrates all ADARA products and all 3rd party vendor products:
    • - OpenFlow Controllers, switches, routers, proxies, middleware boxes, servers
    • - Applications and services via well known, standard northbound APIs

Intuitive and Easy to Use

ADARA Hercules provides a highly-scalable, intuitive network tool for network and server administrators. The tool is easy to use and can be learned in few minutes rather than requiring hours of training.

ADARA Hercules provides easy and effective methods for administrators to integrate their existing scripts (without change) into the workflow. Administrators can then slowly migrate their scripts to a function-rich orchestration at their own comfortable pace.

Powerful SLA Management

ADARA Hercules feeds and consumes alerts/triggers from other ADARA SLAM and Orchestration Engine management products to create and apply Openflow-based SDN rules to all switches and controllers.

ADARA Hercules enables business-sensitive and operational SLA monitoring and management. Hercules feeds the events to the orchestration engine, and thus reduces complex SLA enforcement actions to automated/intuitive dynamic executions.

Service Choreography and Network Orchestration

ADARA Hercules provides the following additional features:

  • Pre-configured service-choreography templates for major functions such as load balancing, VM migration, and administrative maintenance
  • Custom template-creation capability to support any choreography or orchestration
  • Ability to integrate with dynamic VM management for VM tasks such as Initialize, Migrate, Scale Up and Scale Down.
  • Physical Server management (Power)
  • Create flow rules, install on switches, handle unknown flow packets forwarded from switches, enable services-based path selection
  • Orchestrate services through any selection of network services such as encryption, compression, data de-duplication, or TCP Acceleration
  • Integrated Deep Packet Inspection with the controller. Can parse application headers to create session-specific rules on the Layer 5/6 tuple
  • Support for session isolation for Admission Control/stochastic fair queuing (session level QoS/similar QoS, Register/Unregister, Start/Stop, Assign/Remove/Start/Stop Workflow, Monitor and Manage Load/Status/Workflow Events (started, stopped, completed, failed)
  • Set Load Thresholds/System Triggers, Add/Remove Tasks, Set Task Priority, Manage Task Control Messages (start and stop), Event Notification/Response

View the Hercules spec sheet.