Merchant Silicon

The ADARA Axis switch is a modular 10GbE/40GbE/100GbE switching system based on the feature-rich Broadcom StrataXGS Trident II switch SOC. The Axis switch is designed to provide cost-efficiency, scalability and performance for enterprise and service provider applications. With modular pluggable CPU options, an optional data-plane offload processor, and flexible port configurations, Axis is a highly versatile platform.

ADARA software running on the switch provides software solutions including OpenFlow controller, L2-L3 switching, and other SDN applications. The ADARA Axis 1272-12 switch includes the ADARA industry-leading implementation of Network Functions Virtualization. NFV enables the consolidation of many network equipment types into a single fully-integrated software package.

The Axis switch is available in nine models:

  • ADARA Axis 1172-12 (Leaf /Top of Rack Switch)
  • ADARA Axis 1272-12 (Spine or Aggregation/End of Rack Switch)
  • ADARA Axis 1166-6 (Spine or Aggregation/End of Rack Switch)
  • ADARA Axis 1132-4 (Leaf /Top of Rack Switch)
  • ADARA Axis 1148-25/100(Leaf /Top of Rack or Aggregation/End of Rack Switch or Hybrid Switch)
  • ADARA Axis 4600
  • ADARA Axis 5800
  • ADARA Axis 6800
  • ADARA Axis 7700