ADARA Orion provides WAN Optimization via application acceleration for a wide set of applications. Orion provides auto configuration and centralized management, and supports virtual and physical form factors.

Orion uses an integrated set of technologies to provide the industry’s most cost-efficient and high-performance WAN Optimization. Orion integrates with ADARA Sirius and ADARA Comet.

High Availability

ADARA Orion High Availability features include:

  • VRRP, clustering, fail-to-wire
  • Active/Active and Active/Hot Standby N:1 and 1:1 redundancy, N:1 clustering
  • Persistent disk dictionaries
  • Redundant disk/power, dual image/backup configuration redundancy
  • Solid state disk option, RAID
  • SSL Acceleration/Offload/Termination
  • Radius, LDAP, Firewall, IDS, C/S and SSL/IPsec VPN


ADARA Orion supports the following topologies and environments:

  • Virtual or physical form factors (COTS or dedicated hardware)
  • Supports multiple ports
  • Interfaces: Ethernet 10/100/1000/10GbE, IEEE 802.11 (a) (b) (g) (n)/Wi-Fi, Satellite, NFC, 3G/4G, Cellular
  • Data link and networking technologies: MPLS, IP, VPN, Frame, ATM, Optical
  • Network topology agnostic: Hub-and-Spoke, Full Mesh, Ring, Star, Tree, Bus
  • Real time traffic shaping/management, DPI, per application class reporting, VLAN, ADARA DLSP, BGP, RIP, OSPF, MDLSP, Logging


ADARA Orion provides auto-configuration and zero-touch provisioning.

ADARA Orion provides centralized monitoring, management and configuration capability via an intuitive web-based GUI (pure HTML-client, no need for additional client software or plug-ins). The GUI is multi-user capable, and continuously updated in real-time. Orion supports SNMP MIBs

Optimization Technologies

ADARA Orion provides an integrated set of optimization technologies, including:

  • data de-duplication
  • indexing
  • multi-protocol proxy
  • multicast
  • forward/reverse proxy caching
  • Admission Control
  • ADARA Control Plane
  • Traffic Engineering
  • QoS
  • Dynamic Queuing/Reservation HSFC, CBQ, WFQ, PRIQ, more
  • TCP/UDP Bandwidth management
  • DCSP (DiffServ)
  • Forward Error Correction, (FEC)
  • Asymmetric/symmetric forwarding
  • protocol spoofing
  • protocol transformation

View the Orion spec sheet.