ADARA Sirius is an advanced virtual or physical networking platform. Sirius supports virtual interfaces, enabling the ADARA Dynamic Virtual Overlay Network. ADARA Sirius Network Virtualization increases network and service performance and scalability.

Sirius provides policy-based dynamic multipath routing, which results in dramatic increases in bandwidth and eliminates single points of failure.

By creating Dynamic Virtual Overlay Network Tunnels on top of MPLS Static Label Switched Paths, ADARA Sirius provides Dynamic MPLS and additional functionality far beyond traditional MPLS solutions.

Network Virtualization

ADARA Sirius acts as a Network hypervisor, creates and dynamically updates an abstraction of the network physical properties, forwarding, state,
and configuration.

ADARA’s Sirius Network Hypervisor Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) supports driver calls to merchant silicon in low-latency, port dense white box solutions, supporting emerging micro-flow granularity in core and distribution (Copper/Optical) and access (Copper) switches and routers.

Sirius network virtualization provides the following capabilities:

  • Supports OpenFlow and provides multiple extensions for enhanced virtualization
  • The over-the-top (OTT), multipath, layer 1-7, distributed switching/ routing engine manages forwarding state, switching, routing, TCP/HTTP, services, and status
  • Continuously measures the real time network state, including latency, link quality, bandwidth utilization, packet loss, statistics, tunnel/physical link metrics


ADARA Sirius supports the following protocols:

  • BGP
  • RIP, RIPng
  • OSPFv2, OSPFv3, IS-IS
  • MDLSP, PIM Multicast Protocols


ADARA Sirius supports auto-configuration, auto-orchestration and provisioning, dynamic multi-layer multi-variable single/multipath troubleshooting and connectivity management. Sirius also supports SNMP/MIBs and a Command Line Interface (CLI).

Other Features

ADARA Sirius supports real time collaboration with third-party physical underlay networks.

ADARA Sirius provides support for the emerging standard, Interface to Routing System (I2RS).

ADARA Sirius supports the following additional features:

  • Impenetrable Multi-Vector Authentication
  • Network Security for Guest Operating System Virtualization
  • Dynamic/multipath
  • SSL/IPsec VPN
  • Rate setting
  • Load balancing
  • Symmetric/Asymmetric forwarding with Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • Multi-hop congestion control and re-queuing
  • Admission control QoS
  • DHCP
  • Traffic engineering
  • MPLS
  • VLAN, MAC filtering, storm control

View the Sirius spec sheet.