ADARA Sky is a scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed SDN (Open Flow) Controller.

ADARA Sky features Supra-linear Scalability, High Availability, Ultra High Performance, Low Latency, Advanced Fault Tolerance,
for Multiple Data Center/Cloud implementations.

Elastic Scalability

Rules scalability is limitless, dependent only on available memory, with auto-partitioning and auto-scaling to dynamically create new controller instances.

Flexible Configuration

ADARA Sky features include:

  • multi-threading
  • auto-scaling
  • sharable flow tables
  • rule cloning
  • configurable core node/edge node packet processing
  • flow learning
  • QoS for micro flows

Proactive Monitoring

ADARA Sky centralized interface enables monitoring via HTML and HTTP and includes display of the following:

  • all switch and network statistics
  • all connected switches
  • all flows/switch ID, switch, statistics/port, queue, flow, description, or aggregate statistics

Advanced Fault Management

ADARA Sky and ADARA Control Plane includes ADARA Fault Manager, which features:

  • configurable monitoring-parameter thresholds
  • alarms
  • configurable timer periods
  • configurable active/inactive setting for any calculated parameters such as memory statistics

Controller REST Interface

ADARA Sky features ADARA enhanced REST commands for

  • managing, loading/re-loading and flushing of Controller tables
  • enabling/disabling learning modes
  • flow notification
  • dynamic clustering and Controller table defaults
  • calculated parameters
  • parameter thresholds

Northbound Interfaces

ADARA Sky and ADARA Control Plane provide enhanced North Bound Interfaces through restful web services, which directly provides the interfaces to the Global Network and Infrastructure State that is built and maintained by the ADARA product suite.