X86 / SOHO

ADARA Software Products are available in ADARA brand Small Office Home Office Gateways; based upon X86, ARM or MIPS, these products feature the industry’s leading hardware for the Small Office Home Office (SOHO) environment.

ADARA brand (SOHO) Gateways feature 6 ports of 1Gbe. ADARA software running on the Gateways provide software solutions including OpenFlow controller, L2-L3 swtiching, and other SDN applications.

The ADARA brand SOHO Gateway includes the ADARA industry-leading implementation of Network Functions Virtualization (NVF). NVF enables the consolidation of many network equipment types into a single fully-integrated software package. With NFV, the ADARA brand SOHO Gateway is a powerful and cost-effective mulit-service platform. NFV for the ADARA brand SOHO Gateway includes the following key capabilities:

  • WAN Acceleration/Optimization, Compression, Encryption
  • Firewall, Intrusion Detection System, Intrusion Prevention System
  • Access Controls
  • Global/Local Load Balancing
  • Virtual Switching, Virtual Computing, File Transfer
  • Flow Learning
  • QoS for micro flows

ADARA Products are available on any third party manufactured X86 or MIPS based SOHO Gateway Router, or Switch.