ADARA Taurus is a Secure Communications Gateway (SCG), providing services such as secure protocol translation, file transfer services, and data encryption.

ADARA Taurus enables secure interoperable protocol translation (in forward and reverse directions), with no write-to-disk (RAM-only), between any trusted/non-trusted environments.

ADARA Taurus enables file transfer services and secure file transfer/translation service at line rate between Client/Servers (any host pairs) on an automated basis or a push/pull basis.

ADARA Taurus dynamically encrypts clear text to secure protocols such as HTTPS, SFTP, FTP, and FTPS.

ADARA Taurus features include:

  • Centralized management via web-based management server and web-based drag and drop network monitor/manager
  • Full administration with multi-level delegation privileges and secure transfer scheduler
  • 365-day automated Time/Zone/Exception workflow scheduling
  • Success/fail/connection re-establishment offset (RFC 959) alerts
  • SNMP
  • Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG) key management
  • Certificates Management Engine

ADARA Taurus integrates with ADARA Mercury to leverage

  • ADARA Deep Authorization-Based Access Control Engine
  • Chained Web Services Policy/Security Engine
  • Inter-Enterprise Chain-of-Custody Trust Management Engine

ADARA Taurus features include:

  • 2-Tier Architectures utilizing DMZs, with connection-sourcing limited to Trusted Environments (only upon notification)
  • Inter-Domain via ADARA Taurus Gateway
  • Write to Disk/SSD or 3rd party Cache
  • Java class library (JCL) for mainframe post-receipt processing

View the Taurus spec sheet.