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ADARA SDN: a Complete P + V (Physical + Virtual) SDN Ecosystem of products

SDN implementations can lean toward the Virtual or Physical; there are advantages and drawbacks to both. In production software centric solutions using virtual ports, virtual switches, virtualized services and endpoints will ultimately traverse physical ports backplanes and cables. The bottom line is that the correct approach is a P + V (Physical + Virtual) SDN solution; while common SDN implementations have taken time to understand this, P+V has always been ADARA’s approach.  In production, operators want and need a Complete P + V (Physical + Virtual) SDN Ecosystem; one that is 100% open and allows them to interchange elements as desired, not because it is required, or because an SDN vendor fails to offer a critical component, in order to not sacrifice performance, stability, security or scalability.

ADARA Hybrid SDN: Complete Virtual and Physical (P+V)

ADARA SDN enables the best use of both Virtual and Physical without tradeoffs. As an example, ADARA VLAN scalability is in both in Software and Hardware. ADARA VLAN scaling is intelligent and dynamic, coupling high throughput Hardware based VXLAN encapsulation, with the flexibility of Software based VXLAN encapsulation, and intelligently combining multiple VLAN isolation methods for n-tier VLAN scaling.  ADARA SDN intelligently combines Virtual and Physical SDN elements and processes to automatically optimize Computing and Networking and eliminate the tradeoffs in common SDN. ADARA SDN ends the limitations of a Virtual or Physical SDN approach.


  • ADARA Software Defined Networking Products are all available as Software (Virtual) implementations.  In production Virtual SDN will utilize Physical elements.
  • ADARA Virtual SDN does not require the tradeoffs present in other SDN approaches.

ADARA Virtual Overlay Network (VON)

  • ADARA Virtual SDN enables ADARA Virtual Overlay Network (VON); the industry’s most advanced overlay network, creating a data center and networking fabric with better performance, scale and security than any other SDN approach.

ADARA SLA Based Service and Infrastructure Automation at Hyperscale

  • ADARA Virtual SDN enables intelligent OPEX sensitive SLA-based automation, Service Choreography and Infrastructure Orchestration, not just scripting.  ADARA offers ADARA based automation as well as any 3rd party software.  ADARA SLA based automation at Hyperscale, with universal support for the simplest to most complex applications, workloads, services, policies, isolation, security and auditing requirements.

ADARA Control Plane

  • ADARA Virtual SDN delivers real time agility, flexibility, and simplicity through the ADARA Control Plane; Distributed and Logically Centralized Control Planes administratively arranged in any manner you need