ADARA SDN Product Platform

ADARA SDN is complete SDN. Complete SDN that is vendor neutral, and SDN methodology neutral. There are, and will be, multiple approaches to implementing SDN; a complete SDN platform must have the flexibility to support them.

ADARA SDN products are implemented in two ways:

Software only:

  • Fully virtualized implementations of compute and network elements, including virtual routers, virtual switches, virtual compute hosts, and a fully virtualized OSI Standards Model Stack

Software on COTS H/W:

Software implementations of compute and network elements including routers, switches, virtual compute hosts, and a fully virtualized Network Services / Functions Virtualization (NS/FV) Stack on any COTS H/W, enabling Compute, Networking and Management in the middle of the Network on:

  • Inexpensive Forwarding/Value Added Fabrics in Data Centers
  • Value Added Forwarding and Routing Fabrics between Data Centers and Across Domains
  • Merchant Silicon Switches with a “Server-in-a-Switch”
  • Merchant Silicon Routers with a “Server-in-a-Router”
  • COTS Servers with High Throughput Interfaces
  • Small Office / Home Office Form Factor Gateways
  • Mobile and Client Devices; Smartphones, Phablets, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops and Virtual Desktops and Virtual Workstations
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ADARA Product Platform and Complete SDN

ADARA’s complete SDN solution consists of comprehensive products that provide a complete SDN solution to the customers, instead of piecemeal components.

At the conceptual level, picture the typical enterprise Data Center as the collection of datacenters, connected together using multiple network links of varying, speed, cost, SLA guarantees, operational overheads, manageability and availabilities. Links are chosen based on static configurations statistics or the simple time/event bound reconfiguration rule sets, with limited visibility into the overall network characteristics. Inside the datacenters, the physical servers are connected through switches which have the similar static or limited visibility statistics based reconfiguration rules. The physical servers typically run hypervisors which hosts multiple virtual machines connected together using virtual switches.

Administrators of these datacenters see ‘Software Defined Networking’ as the solution that gives them ultimate flexibility when running their day to day operation in a more logical, easier, efficient and most importantly the most cost effective and inexpensive manner possible.

Most of the SDN solutions available in the market today are using OpenFlow as the mechanism to make Layer 2 - 4 parameters based forwarding decisions and they call these outputs their SDN solution. A key difference in ADARA’s SDN solution is that ADARA sees OpenFlow as a portion of a true SDN.

ADARA Complete SDN Differentiators

  • Complete Solution
  • Stable Production ready / Unlimited Scalability / Secure
  • Stable ADARA O/S, Stable Dual Dynamic Network (Layer 2/3) Stack
  • Standards Based Forwarding + ADARA SLA Based Forwarding
  • Applications /Control Plane / Data Plane - All Inclusive
  • Multi-Vendor Support / 100% Open - Use ADARA or mount any 3rd party Software, API, CLI or Hardware
  • Profits / SLA - Based Policies - OPEX Tunable
  • Dynamic Service Choreography
  • Dynamic Infrastructure Orchestration
  • Network Packet Broker: Monitor, DPI, SPAN, TAP (Passive/Active)
  • Network Functions/Services Virtualization and Services Chaining
  • Intelligent Dual Software / Hardware VLAN scaling
  • Meta Controller - Network / Compute / Storage /Cloud
  • ADARA Controllers + 3rd Party Controllers
  • All Southbound /Network Management Interfaces - OpenFlow, SNMP, CLI, TL1, RMON, NetConf, I2RS, more
  • Controller Based Forwarding Tables
  • Hypervisor Controllers with Service Visibility –Enables Unlimited Hypervisor Configurability
  • Dynamic Real Time Performance (Real Time State not just Statistics) Based Virtual Overlay
  • Intelligent Automated Network Virtualization
  • Hardware Agnostic SDN Platform - X86, MIPS, Merchant Silicon, ARM
  • Universally supports SDN and Legacy Management Configuration and Control / SDN ready
  • 100% Transparent
  • Pricing 80% below the discounted pricing of OEMs
  • All Inclusive

ADARA SDN – Differentiated from all others

ADARA’s SDN Solution consists of the many differentiators compared to the other SDN vendor products; below is a small sampling of these differentiators’:

Vendor agnostic IT infrastructure orchestration system

  • An Intelligent system that allows the administrators to connect all their management systems/scripts together and manage them on a single pane of glass.
  • A highly scalable orchestration system that focuses on running multiple complex workflows.
  • Orchestration system collaborates with the rest of the ADARA products and other vendor products through the well-known, productized standard Northbound APIs.

Centralized and Federated OpenFlow and Meta-Controller

  • Meta controller manages multiple Openflow controllers.
  • Highly scalable flow table.
  • Full fault tolerance support on switch, controller or meta-controller failure.
  • Feeds and consumes alerts/triggers from other ADARA management products such as SLAM and Orchestration Engine to create and apply Openflow based SDN rules to the switches and controllers.

Aggregated and Micro Flow identification and management switch (vSwitch)

    OpenFlow based fast flow identification based on L2 , L3 and L4 parameters.
  • DPI based on Application Headers and Content inspection to identify and manage application flows and micro flows (session based).
  • Flow specific network treatment and callable service selection mechanisms.
  • Link and Path selection based on application or micro-flow specific bandwidth, delay or cost SLAs
  • Admission Control, QoS and Traffic Shaping
  • TCP acceleration
  • Compression (Deduplication)
  • Value added content processing (Data transformation, De-identification)

Business Sensitive and Operational SLA monitoring and management system that feeds the events to the orchestration system and let it take complex SLA enforcement actions in an automatic and intuitive manner.

A simple example of how a complex SLA can be enforced in practice by ADARA SDN:

Sample SLAs:

  • Apply a bandwidth and cost cap on YouTube content and calculate the cost per bit, cost per day for each ISP links. If it exceeds the set limit for the day then use the least cost link for the rest of the day.
  • If the SLA for official video conference system fails more than 3 times in an hour then increases the bandwidth allocation by 10% with the Max cap of 50Mbps.

Automatic service provisioning system that allows startup and shutdown of virtual and physical machines on demand.

  • Energy efficient scheduled provision support and IT systems management (e.g., HVAC) support.
  • Load and Availability sensitive automatic startup and shutdown of virtual and physical machines.
  • Ability to interact with physical and virtual switches to provision them automatically, based on the new VMs and Physical servers.
  • Ability to control physical network devices, such as ROADMs.
  • Virtual machine migration and object, host, service level load balancer support.

ADARA’s SDN Solution and Common SDN

ADARA’s SDN Solution is complete and vendor neutral; common SDN is incomplete and vendor specific.

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