WAN Virtualization

ADARA SD WAN Virtualization bonds and simultaneously uses multiple WAN links, even when they are from different service providers and use a different connection medium, together to create a single, secure, logical link in order to expand WAN capacity. This enables the concurrent use of multiple circuits. It multiplies your bandwidth by tens even hundreds of times and increases the speed of all your traffic over those connections many times over.

WAN Acceleration

ADARA SD WAN Acceleration speeds by up to 1000 times the rate of transmitting all TCP based data which accounts for 95% of all traffic in Networking, and the Internet. ADARA WAN Acceleration increases the performance of both repetitive (cacheable) and non-repetitive (un-cacheable) data. ADARA SD WAN Acceleration also makes available 100% of the Bandwidth

WAN Optimization

ADARA SD WAN Optimization uses Data de-duplication to reduce request frequency through digital caching and intelligent compression to decrease the size of requests. It works with WAN Virtualization and Acceleration virtually multiplies your bandwidth by up to 200 times.


ADARA SD WAN features automated installation and can be deployed in:

  • Public Cloud - Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Private Cloud –On Premise with and without OpenStack Cloud Software
  • Personal Cloud – On Android Phones, Tablets, Laptops, and IoT


  • ADARA Direct Connection – Single Connection
  • ADARA Direct Connection – Multiple Connections