The Ultimate in SDN

ADARA Software Defined Networking; ADARA is the industry’s leading SDN Ecosystem.


  • Complete; P + V, Physical + Virtual
  • Production ready; market proven
  • 100% Transparent to existing Infrastructure, Applications, Services
  • 100% Open
  • Highest Performing
  • Greatest Scalability; Hyper scalable
  • Best Value and Pricing in Industry

Financial Engineering

ADARA Profit Based Policy Software Defined Networking; an industry first.

  • Increases Revenues
  • Reduces Operating Costs
  • Reduces Capital Expenditures

Operational Engineering

ADARA SLA Based Policy Software Defined Networking; an industry revolution.

  • Manage All Physical/Virtual Network Services, V/P switches, routers
  • Manage All Virtual/Physical Computing, V/P Machines, Hypervisors, Cloud Controllers
  • Manage All 3rd Party Software and Hardware Natively
  • Create, provision, deploy SDN based on any SLA
  • Simplified/Automated Configuration, Operation, Architecture
  • Auto-Configuration/ Operation from Boot-up
  • Unlimited Policies

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