The Foundation for Superior Performance and Reliability

ADARA Networks solutions are the ultimate platform for the interconnection and delivery of services to users. Secure and easily implemented, ADARA solutions enable services to communicate across multiple platforms in real time and set the path to universal services deployment—any service, anytime, anywhere—to help businesses and organizations:

  • Develop new revenue streams
  • Increase bottom lines and net profits
  • Increase return on assets (ROA) and return on investment (ROI)
  • Enhance current systems and infrastructures

Software Defined Networking is an incredibly valuable tool for creating business profitability. It is likely the most valuable IT development in the last generation. Developments such as social networking may be better known to businesses; however, Software Defined Networking holds the potential to change every single aspect of Computing and Networking and with it, the limits of what is possible in business and life.

SDN is truly different; SDN holds the promise actually delivering radical permanent change; unlike previous advances in IT.

The browser enabled a virtualization of information resources; it provided a common way of accessing those resources, and with that, a way to improve productivity, and to create new business models.

Software Defined Networking is a way to virtualize compute and network resources and transform business by increasing profits and creating new business models. SDN holds the promise to impact the global economy to a greater degree than any other development including the browser.

ADARA SDN is the ultimate in Value Added Computing and Networking. ADARA SDN is able to realistically and tangibly enable businesses to increase revenues and profits; it can enable an enterprise to return to profitability, even during flat revenue periods; something that Information Technology is rarely able to promise and deliver.

ADARA SDN has the power to eliminate vendor lock in:

  • Proprietary legacy infrastructure, servers, switches and routers represent the single greatest infrastructure cost in Information Technology. They also are the most error prone, causing operational downtime and lost revenues. SDN is based upon open standards and open mechanisms. It empowers companies to eliminate reliance on proprietary systems, end price/performance disparities in their infrastructure and right-size their IT investments. To legacy vendors this is a commoditization of their products; to enterprises this is value.
  • ADARA SDN is 100% Interoperable with all 3rd party Legacy Software and Hardware
  • ADARA SDN is 100% Open to all Open Source Software and Solutions

ADARA SDN provides the means to eliminate costs from operations:

ADARA SDN’s native capability enables applications and services to manage and customize network operations, empowering enterprises to transform their business through financial and operational engineering. ADARA SDN enables businesses to use their least expensive resources first, and their most expensive resources last, to purchase any resource, computing, storage even bandwidth, on a transactional as needed basis, something not done today.

Just as businesses match revenues to expenses in specific periods for financial accounting purposes, SDN allows enterprises to dynamically match IT resource allocations to support for revenue generating activities, based upon contributions to operating and net margins, in short automatically maximizing profits.


ADARA SDN delivers reduced Capital Expenditures (CAPEX); pricing below the discounted pricing of all other OEMs.

ADARA SDN delivers reduced Operating Expenses (OPEX); reducing all the costs of operating data centers and networks of all sizes, in all industry for all applications and services.

ADARA SDN is the only SDN that delivers Profit Based Policy SLA-based SDN.

ADARA SDN enables new revenues; enabling every Small, Medium, and Large Corporate Enterprise to increase revenues and revenue streams.

ADARA SDN delivers real time:

  • Service Creation, Service Velocity, Service Elasticity, Service Scaling

ADARA SDN enables business IT infrastructure more flexible, secure, high performing. ADARA enables IT to grow from a support system for the core operations of an enterprise, to a key contributor to profitability, regardless of whether the core operations are manufacturing, services delivery, transportation or other activities.

ADARA’s SDN delivers the ability to dynamically customize infrastructure operations, and empowers businesses to increase service velocity and elasticity in response to demand – in short, instantly create and deploy services based upon customer demand and/or enterprise need.

ADARA SDN uniquely delivers SDN to Client devices; Smartphones, Laptops, tablets, and Small Office / Home Office platforms, enabling Enterprise Computing and Networking for employees wherever they are on the globe.