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The Problem: Latency

Latency is a universal problem in networking for Clouds, WAN and LANs, and it is the #1 reason for poor performance and lost transactions. ADARA measures performance and programs the network to guarantee performance and deliver SLAs. ADARA's performance based Cloud software is the end of latency.

Industry data from multiple sources state that just one (1) second of latency will cause an average business with a mix of brick and mortar and e-commerce sales to incur $2.5 million in lost sales every year. This illustrates the consequence of common SD WAN, SDN and Legacy Networking products failure to solve the issue of latency.


The Solution: ADARA Networks

ADARA has created the first Intent Based Real Time Performance SD WAN platform. Proven to improve Network Performance 10 to 1,000 times over common SDN, SD WAN and legacy networking. ADARAs Intent Based SD WAN features Performance Based WAN Virtualization, Acceleration and Optimization, Analytics, and unparalleled Security engineered as part of the platform. ADARA SD WAN eliminates Network Latency and increases Network Performance between Clouds over all types of connections including Broadband Internet, Private WAN, Optical Fiber, WiFi, and Satellite which is becoming an increasingly important connection type for Cloud customers.

Bottom line: ADARA SD WAN eliminates latency. No other SD WAN, SDN or Legacy Networking product solves the universal problem of latency as does ADARA.

Intent Based Real Time Performance SD WAN


ADARA showed us how the services and applications speed increased by a thousand times."

- Director of IT Operations,
New Orleans Saints

Mobile Fixtures immediately experienced immense benefits in cost-savings and performance."

Director of IT,
Mobile Fixtures

ADARA offered a dramatic improvement in performance, speed and reduced latency."

- Director of IT Operations,
New Orleans Pelicans

ADARA's Cloud SD WAN Platform sets new high in AWS Public Cloud testing from around the world."

- PR Newswire


ADARA's Mobile SD WAN Platform achieved a performance improvement of 2,373% on a current Android Platform."

- PR Newswire


ADARA SD Wan delivers an average ROI of 500%+ in the first year alone."

- Global Press Release


ADARA performance differentiation grows as the network conditions worsen."

- Global Press Release


ADARA announces it has achieved Advanced Technology Partner Status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN)"

- Global Press Release



ADARA's Roadmap
March 2004
Founded by the Pioneers of the Internet & Cisco
April 2004
Developed in and for the Department of Defense
Feb 2008
Developed a networking medical records project for the US Congress.
Jan 2011
ADARA moves from Public Sector to Private Sector
April 2012
ADARA created a full stack network for its cloud
Nov 2013
ADARA's controller became open source
June 2016
ADARA partners with Calient Tech to develop an integrated SD-WAN
August 2018
ADARA moves focus from hardware to software
Nov 2018
ADARA approved as AWS Advanced Technology Partner

Visionary Leadership

Dr. Garcia Luna Aceves

Dr. J. J. Garcia Luna Aceves,
Former Chief Scientist

One of the world’s preeminent authorities on networking, including wired and wireless routing and multimedia communications.
Dr. Bradley R. Smith, Chief Architect

Dr. Bradley R. Smith,
Former Chief Architect

Dr. Bradley Smith in focused in network routing protocol security. His current work is in the areas of policy-based routing.
Raghu Gangi

Raghu Gangi,
Chief Networking Engineer

Mr. Gangi is the Chief Networking Engineer for ADARA and the visionary behind the creation of the ADARA cloud and switching platform.
Dr. Marcelo Spohn

Dr. Marcelo Spohn

Dr. Spohn is one of the world’s leading authorities on routing, scalable routing and multiple path routing, especially links of unequal costs.
Dr. Qiaobing Xie

Dr. Qiaobing Xie

Dr. Xie is one of the world’s leading authorities on core internet protocols, networking, active queue management (QoS) and transmission control.
Raghu Gangi

Randall Stewart

Mr. Stewart was a Distinguished Engineer for Cisco Systems and Huawei Inc., and a key engineer for several leaders in the telecom industry.

The ADARA Advantage

1,000x Performance

Acceleration Performance TCP rate setting based on real-time measurements that transmit application traffic at the highest possible rate at the requested time.

Intelligent MultiPath

Virtualization performance multipath based on real-time path measurement routes application traffic to the best path at the requested time.

Data Deduplication

Optimization data deduplication and compression conserves WAN usage and scales bandwidth.

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